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The Rise of Suburban Hubs

It’s no secret that most people want to live, work, and play in the same area, and it has caused more individuals and families to move into cities. But what the trend doesn’t show that there is a rise in these same groups moving to the suburbs looking for the same thing. The suburbs are becoming some of the most extensive metro areas across North America, with over 60% of the population in both the United States and Canada making a move out of the city. 

Suburban hubs, also known as areas outside of cities, have seen rapid growth and development in the last five years. Suburban living is evolving and including a more urban blend. Over time, these areas will become denser and will start to take on characteristics that will be identified as “urban-like.” While investors alike have seen the process gradually increase over time, it is beginning to change the perception of individuals living in the areas.

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